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Lakeholm Church of the Nazarene


Nazarene Missions International (NMI) is the world wide support system for the work of the Church of the Nazarene.  Every church of the Nazarene is part of that system, and by pooling our resources we are able to accomplish far more than our size would suggest.  NMI support includes: awareness, prayer support, financial contributions, missions reading and study, connections with missionaries, volunteer missions trips, and much more.  A major part of this support is our Faith Promise giving to the World Evangelism Fund of the denomination, but also includes periodic support of local agencies as well.  Lakeholm has always been very missions-minded and has been generous in providing financial support through many different avenues. 

Please read below for more information on NMI or if you have questions and are interested in becoming involved in missions work at Lakeholm, please contact our NMI President, Ted Esselstyn.

Our Lakeholm missions organization joins with Nazarene churches around the world in order to accomplish what we could not do on our own.  It is amazing what we have been able to do collectively.  Currently we are active in 159 countries around the world, 27 of them countries that are not friendly to the Christian message. 

Prayer ministry partners meet at various times during the week to pray.  We praise and give thanks to our God, the creator and ruler of the universe.  We pray for those in need locally and around the world.  We pray for God to guide in the selection and fulfillment of ministry opportunities.  This is the foundation of all that we are and do, for without God we can do nothing good.

The World Evangelism Fund is the financial skeleton that enables the body to function all around the world.  It provides salaries and strategic support for the outreach and service structure of the church.  We focus on this key fund at Thanksgiving and Easter, but especially in our Faith Promise commitments.

Faith Promise is the commitment we make to God for the support of the outreach ministries of the church locally and around the world.  The Lakeholm congregation has long been most generous in their commitments and exceeds those in the actual fulfillment of their pledges.

Lakeholm is committed to assist in several local ministries, not only with financial assistance but also by the personal involvement of members in the activities of those ministries.  Several such ministries are carried out with the participation of other church groups.  Some of these are:  Escape Zone for town teens; Dare to Care for encouragement and assistance; Interchurch Social Services; and Care Net for ladies in need.

We join with the churches of our District to serve the needs of people in inner cities and children in Cleveland.  Gifts and candies for Christmas, school supplies, financial help for some churches, building repair and construction are all part of this involvement that varies from year to year.

Lakeholm is pleased that many of its members have sought to serve as missionaries, sometimes in very difficult places.  Many have participated by providing short term assistance on various mission fields.  Currently we list Jim and Kathy Radcliffe, Corey DeVolld, Chrissy Arnold, Sean Roberts, Judith D'Amico, Laura Nixon and Stephanie Doenges.  They minister as preachers, teachers, physicians and surgeons.

LINKS is one avenue through which we keep in touch with our missionaries by sending gifts and money to encourage them and remind them that they are regularly in our thoughts and prayers.

W&W is a great program through which teams can go to places of need, in the US or overseas, and minister together by constructing buildings or providing services nonexistent or in short supply in those places.  This year we are planning to help the development of Africa Nazarene University in Nairobi, Kenya. 

One Heart - Many Hands is a denominational service project in which we will be participating.  It will take place prior to and during the quadrennial General Assembly of the Church of the Nazarene held in Indianapolis, Indiana in June.  Nazarenes worldwide join together to minister to needs in the city of Indianapolis.

We are involved in many different opportunities to minister to the needs of people around the world.  Among these are collection of used books for distribution overseas, collection of new book packs and school needs for the underprivileged here in Ohio, making up of Crisis Care kits to provide emergency help to disaster victims - toothbrushes, towels, soap and the like.  We also sponsor very needy children in different countries.  Some Sunday School classes and individuals take on sponsorships. 

Once each year we have a great time concentrating on our missions involvement around the world, with displays from various countries, outstanding missions speakers, and international feasts.  It is a fun weekend that no one wants to miss. 

During the course of the year we maintain a display table with up to date missions information and displays in the foyer of the church.  A set of reading books (or CDs for those wanting to listen) about the mission activities of our denomination is also available.  From time to time we are also blessed with the visit of missionaries who are reporting on their activities.  

The list of ministries seems unending.  We delight in the success of the Jesus Film Ministry which reaches millions around the world.  We support the Alabaster Fund that makes possible the construction of churches, Bible Colleges and parsonages in many parts of the world.  Jesus told us to look out upon the world for the fields are ripe for harvest.  This is the time for our involvement in Our Lord's ministry to the nations.  He is with us!